Global Expat Pay

Expat Academy Global Expat Pay  The Global Expat Pay solution.

By applying smart technologies, mobility data management expertise and a leading global foreign exchange payment solution, Global Expat Pay will offer an innovative, cost effective and unique technology-led managed service.

What it does…

  • Simplify and centralise the collection, management and distribution of data and payments.
  • Automate key operational process such as payroll, finance, and compensation collection.
  • Eliminate duplication of effort and reduce external vendor spend.
  • Digitise global mobility for all sizes of mobility programmes.
  • Generate actionable insights and industry-leading reporting.

Why we do what we do:
Global Expat Pay simplifies Global Mobility data and payments.

How we do what we do:
Global Expat Pay integrates data across multiple vendors and systems into one simple platform to make the operational management of expats more efficient and payments more accurate.

What we do:
Global Expat Pay provides a single, trusted source of information that ensures expat employees can enjoy a seamless global working experience.

Watch how we’re transforming Global Mobility             
In this short video, discover how Global Expat Pay can solve a Global Mobility function’s operational challenges in just 8 weeks, saving businesses time, money and freeing resource to focus on strategic activity.

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