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Expat Academy Bupa Global Bupa Global’s world class business health plans have been designed for people who want the highest level of private health cover available from Bupa, including access to healthcare facilities anywhere in the world, at home or away.

As a business, your people are your greatest asset, so it makes sense to invest in their health and wellbeing and help protect them wherever business takes them. Our benefits are designed to cover the mind as well as the body and can go a long way towards helping promote a healthy workforce and making a positive difference to your business.

There are a number of reasons why Bupa Global health cover could be right for you, your team and your business:

–          Helps support employees back to health and back to work quickly
–          Helps improve the wellbeing, motivation and positivity of your key people
–          It’s an attractive benefit to help you retain and attract the top talent
–          Our plans can be adapted to suit your team’s needs, circumstances and budget
–          You’ll always be in control when it comes to costs and whenever you need to enrol an employee into one of our health plans, you can do it securely online in minutes

Our range of support and services for your employees includes:

–          Dedicated account manager
–          Multilingual in-house medical experts, available on the phone 24/7
–          Healthline support service
–          Global assistance
–          Expert second medical opinion service
–          Consultant and facilities finder
–          Secure online member account
–          Wellbeing and Wellness mobile apps

For more information on Bupa Global Business Health Plans visit https://www.bupaglobal.com/en/business-cover



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