Our goal is to provide excellent training, knowledge sharing and thought provoking insights to each and every member of the Expat Academy. We do this by partnering with exceptional organisations from the Global Mobility industry who have demonstrated a real passion for learning and development and who have the collective expertise to answer the most challenging questions!

Through our Bite Size Briefings, Network Meetings and Training Courses our members are provided with the opportunities to constantly challenge their thinking and increase their specialist knowledge. This regular training and networking ensures members are fully equipped to manage the increasing complexities of global mobility and expatriate management.

Our Training Partners are involved with our Bite Size Briefings and provide technical and topical presentations in their area of expertise. The Club 100 and Symposium Network Sponsors attend the network meetings and provide support and expertise.

Training partners

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Club 100 sponsors

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Symposium sponsors

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Expat Academy 2023 Sponsors

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MyGMPD Subject Matter Experts

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Membership Feedback

Expat Academy Experts

It’s allows us to engage with Expat Academy’s membership base. The benefits to us are immense.

Andy Kelly, BDO 25th January 2022

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