Expatriate Life in Belize City

Expat Academy Expatriate Life in Belize City  Availability and Outlets

Over the past decade of surveying Belize City, availability and outlets in our goods and services survey have changed very little. The same two supermarkets remain the best options in town–Brodie’s and Save U. These outlets offer a decent selection of grocery items and some imports, but an assignee may have to visit more than one shop on a shopping trip in order to get particular ingredients. There is moderate availability of personal care goods, and quality furniture and household appliances can be found at outlets such as Court’s and Mirab’s. Availability of clothing here remains low. It is common to see clothing in grocery stores, but it is of low quality and unlikely to be purchased by assignees. Almost all assignees in Belize purchase new items they need or want while on home leave or on trips to Miami or Mexico, which are conveniently close for weekend trips.Expat Academy Expatriate Life in Belize City

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