Expat Academy Round-up

Expat Academy Expat Academy Round-up With the US once again opening up its borders to fully vaccinated travellers from Europe it really does feel like the world is taking another step in the right direction to normality. But in truth what will this normality look like? It’s certainly not going to be the way it was pre-pandemic. Already we are seeing a huge drop in the number of our members that are planning to go back into the office five days a week. Many have said their organisations are offering a hybrid work pattern going forward, with only two or three days in the office. Some are even being issued working from home contracts as organisations scale down their office space. In addition, there are reports that speculate business travel will only return to two thirds of its pre-pandemic levels. With organisations announcing business travel savings of up to £1 billion in the last year and increased pressure to report against sustainability targets, perhaps it’s not surprising organisations are looking at the alternative methods, that have been truly tried and tested in the last 18 months, to do business in the future.

To find out all the latest insights the full Expat Academy Round-up white paper can be found here. Don’t forget to completing a Learning Log and get closer to MyGMPD accreditation.

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