Expat Academy Round-up

Expat Academy Expat Academy Round-up

Since the last Expat Academy Round-up, the United Kingdom has gone past the 50% mark when looking at the share of the total population that has had at least one dose of the vaccine.

However, in a week of optimism, there has also been the news of increased pressure on the Indian government to introduce a national lockdown as cases have spiked to almost 400,000 new cases per day.

It is interesting to note that against this backdrop the number of international business trips has started to increase once again. However, the imminent introduction of a complex traffic light system does highlight how important it is going to be for organisations to ensure employees thoroughly plan their journeys.

Even within the same country, regulations can change from one region to another and can impact travel plans significantly. Whilst the pandemic has affected countries globally the response has varied considerably across different regions. Countries have different tests, different quarantine timeframes as well as different requirements for vaccination evidence. This lack of standardisation is only going to make guidance for business travellers more complex.

To find out all the latest insights the full Expat Academy Round-up white paper can be found here. Don’t forget to completing a Learning Log and get closer to MyGMPD accreditation.

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