Expat Academy Round-up

Expat Academy Expat Academy Round-up

In countries where lockdown restrictions are starting to ease there does seem to be a renewed sense of cautious optimism. The ability to be able to make plans to see friends and, where distance allows, family too has seen a lift in positivity.

The weekend, whilst marked with sadness at the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, saw people from all over the world pay their respects for the man that was a steadfast and constant support for the Queen. She once described him as:

“……. my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know.”

As the longest-serving consort in British history, the Prince took on over 22,000 engagements. When he retired from royal duties in 2017, he was said to be patron, president or a member of more than 780 organisations. Accompanying the Queen on Commonwealth tours and state visits, he visited 143 countries in an official capacity, making use of his fluent French and German. Perhaps the ultimate Business Traveller!!

To find out all the latest insights the full Expat Academy Round-up white paper can be found here. Don’t forget to completing a Learning Log and get closer to MyGMPD accreditation.

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