Expat Academy Pulse Survey Results – GM function

Expat Academy Expat Academy Pulse Survey Results - GM function Just before Christmas we sent out the first Expat Academy Pulse Survey to gather feedback on the GM function.

Thank you to all those that fed back. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the struggles we still hear about at our Network Huddles, over half of you felt that there was not a strong awareness of the Global Mobility function within the organisation. Internal brand has been on the agenda for a while and it seems very few strongly feel that they have got that awareness successfully communicated.

However, almost two thirds agreed, or strongly agreed, that the Global Mobility function was able to provide strategic support to the business.

In a change to previous data we’ve seen just over half felt that their Global Mobility team was sufficiently resourced which is great news (although I’m sure that this meant the ongoing hot topic of Business Travellers didn’t currently fall within their remit!)

Being Panto season we asked ‘What one current issue would you ask the Pantomime Fairy to whisk off your desk and resolve?’ Perhaps unsurprisingly Business Travellers was the top response with our favourite explanation being ‘I’d really like the Panto Fairy to either make this go away entirely (pretty please with whipped cream and cherries on top!) or give me a solution that’s efficient user-friendly, cost efficient and doesn’t require a team of Pantomime elves to analyse it’!! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

In addition to business travellers we had ‘the ignorance of managers and employees towards…the law’, flexible and cost-effective policy, team collaboration, tax queries and HMRC audit correspondence!

However, it wasn’t all bleak – our respondents had a number of things they were looking forward to in 2019 including adding proactive strategic value before the start of an assignment, automation of business visa support letters, rolling out new policies, a technology enhanced GM, building a good solid GM program, and ‘finally getting some concrete direction on Brexit. And gin’!

Thanks for all those that took part. Next quarter we’ll be looking at technology so keep an eye out for the next Pulse Survey.

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