What is the Expat Academy Global Mobility Benchmarking Service?

Good question…

Our Benchmarking Service is for all those questions you want to ask to other Global Mobility professionals but can’t due to anti-trust rules. You simply send your questions to us, we will then send out your question anonymously, consolidate the responses and distribute the answers to our network on a totally anonymous basis.

What can you asExpat Academy What is the Expat Academy Global Mobility Benchmarking Service? k?

You can ask pretty much anything that comes up during a typical day of a Global Mobility professional. We have welcomed all sorts of policy, operational and vendor related questions on topics from per diems, payroll, Poland or pets! To maximise the response rate, it’s best that you keep your questions contained to pure mobility. If your question is slightly outside the box or we don’t think there will be a huge response for it, this doesn’t mean we can’t help, we are also able to field out your question to our industry experts to see if they can help (which they normally can!)

Who do I ask?

We now have a ‘benchmarking’ email, so for all your questions, whether you are from the Club 100 Network or the Symposium Network simply email benchmarking@expat-academy.com. Often Gilly and Catherine send out the questions to both networks so you have the benefit of masses of members from different industries and plenty of experience!

Where do I look?

You can find the consolidated book of benchmarking emails and surveys in the Vault on the website, so you have instant access to a whole array of questions and answers. We aim to refresh the online version every couple of weeks and we hope you’ll see it as a great source of benchmarking data.

What do you need from me?

We direct the benchmarking questions to one member per company so please let us
know if there are any changes from your side. Other than that, please keep your questions coming – and responses too!


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