Exclusive Mobility Policy Benchmarking Offer for Expat Academy Members

Expat Academy Exclusive Mobility Policy Benchmarking Offer for Expat Academy Members Expat Academy are delighted to launch a new policy benchmarking collaboration with our partners at Mercer. While much of our collective focus over the last 12-18 months has been dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, we know that many of you are revisiting your policy frameworks to support the ‘new normal’ and would very much value fresh market benchmarking data against which you can assess your core mobility programmes.

Mercer’s expatriate benchmarking surveys are long established as market-leading resources globally, and we want to bring the best of those insights directly to the Expat Academy community. In addition to the standard complimentary reports and access to additional discounted services which you would already receive from participating in Mercer’s surveys, exclusive data cuts of the Symposium and Club 100 membership groups will also be prepared, and participants will receive a special custom report and an invitation to an exclusive huddle to discuss the findings as a peer group.

Participate in Mercer’s latest global surveys (subject to their relevance to your organisation) by June 11th in order to receive a custom EA Member report and insights.

Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices (WIAPP)
Focus: Long-term assignments

Re-launched in 2020, this evergreen survey explores trends in mobility program demographics, program management and policies and practices, with a special focus on long-term assignments. The survey database already holds data from over 450 multinational companies worldwide, making it the industry-leading database for long-term policy benchmarking.

The largest of the surveys, we anticipate this should take approximately 45 minutes to complete for someone with strong operational familiarity with your mobility programme.

Take the WIAPP survey

More information about the WIAPP survey and report is available here.

Alternative International Assignments Survey (AIA)
Focus: Short-term assignments, Permanent moves / one-way transfers, Commuter assignments

Short-term assignments, permanent moves / one-way transfers and commuter assignments are cornerstones of many mobility policy frameworks, as the need for these assignment types has matured and become core elements of a global talent management strategy. The 2020/2021 AIA survey edition aims to take the pulse of the latest trends and developments in the wake of COVID-19.

We know that not all companies have all three of the policy types covered in this survey in place. You can simply complete the sections which relate to policies you do have, and skip those you don’t.

We anticipate that this should take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete for someone with strong operational familiarity with your mobility programme, less if you are only responding to some of the policy types.

Take the AIA survey

More information about the AIA survey is available here.

Insured Benefits for Internationally Mobile Employees Survey
Focus: Benefit programmes for globally mobile workforce

An often overlooked aspect of global mobility policy design is the approach a company takes to its insured benefit provisions: specifically medical, life and risk insurances (e.g. accident, death and disability provisions), as well pensions / retirement planning. This survey is a joint venture between Mercer’s Mobility and MercerMarshBenefits practices, and aims to understand how organisations structure insured benefit programmes for a diverse, globally mobile workforce, as well as the challenges they face and how they handle them. All primary policy types / cross-border working scenarios are covered in this survey.

We know that not all EA members are necessarily responsible for the sourcing and administration of all of the benefits covered in this survey, and you may need to consult other members of your benefits team to prepare accurate responses. A PDF of the survey can be downloaded from the website to share with colleagues as needed.

Take the benefits survey

As an Expat Academy member – What’s in it for you?

Expat Academy members who participate to the various surveys will receive:

  • All-respondent executive summary reports and access to discounted custom data cuts and associated services per survey (standard Mercer offerings)
  • An exclusive custom report per policy type / survey for EA members with findings specifically relating to the Symposium and Club 100 membership groups
  • An invitation to a special huddle to review the findings and discuss as a peer group. MyGMPD points will be awarded for attending this Huddle.


11 June 2021: Complete the survey submissions

June 2021: Global Expatriate Benefits Survey results available

Early September 2021: Global results of new AIA survey to be published

October 2021: Expat Academy custom reports to be issued for all surveys and special huddles held

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