European Network Huddle

Expat Academy European Network Huddle Although in person plans were delayed for a little longer, we once again had a very full screen and a packed agenda for our European Huddle! It was great to see so many of our members join us to learn from each other and share their challenges and successes.

First up Mike and Sarah from Global Expat Pay focused on the hot topic of transformation within Global Mobility. They shared insights into the transformation journey from defining the outcome and opportunity (so success can be measured), to driving the change and delivering the benefits to the business, the assignee and Global Mobility team even when the assignment programme was ‘silent running’ and there wasn’t the perhaps more obvious need for change. The case studies discussed, brought to life the cost and time savings that can be generated by using data. The link to the Global Expat Pay diagnostic tool can be found here.

Moving straight onto the next session saw Raj Mann provide an amazing immigration update on both the situation in Ukraine and Russia, highlighting key considerations and challenges when trying to evacuate assignees and employees from both locations including what martial law means in practice, the options available for foreign nationals in Ukraine and the practicalities in trying to cross borders and finding work.

Raj went on to highlight the EU Temporary Protection Directive and how this has been adopted slightly differently depending on the countries Ukrainians travel to.

Looking at Russia, Raj spoke about the planning involved in evacuating employees and assignees, some of the considerations that must be taken into account before there are further headaches down the line and the Red Flags that must be avoided.

PwC is currently providing Emergency support – at no charge to support mobility professionals with:
• Real-time updates on European and Global border restrictions, taking account live information
• Regional considerations – outlining key risks for the region and advising on practical next steps
• Support desk services – Emergency support to provide country specific advice
• Access up-to-date immigration information for your impacted employees
For anyone that would like to access this please email

A lightening coffee break and then a corporate update from Jochen at Daimler Truck AG who took us through their Global Mobility re-design and the principles, the desired change and the timeline. Whilst still right in the middle of the project it was great to hear of some many goals already achieved on this journey.

Then it was straight into Huddle time. With so many questions to cram in, we started with two quick fire polls. Firstly on Sabbaticals: Are other companies also seeing a growing trend of employees asking for sabbatical while on assignment? Interestingly, whilst the majority (76%) said no, 16% of attendees said they had received one or two requests and 8% said they had received a significant number. The second poll was on remote workers and the results can be seen below:

Expat Academy European Network Huddle Expat Academy European Network Huddle

Then it was time to dive into the Huddle session to discuss contingency plans in case part of Europe become unstable, how tax affects inbounds assignees into Italy and how the tax concession is managed, recent labour market reform in Spain and the impact on issuing temporary contracts and finally Posted Workers Directive.

Caitlin from Equus wrapped up the busy session by exploring 5 important areas of GM (Crisis Management, Sustainability, DE&I, Employee Engagement and Experience and remote work) and highlighting just how technology can help future-proof a business.

Thanks to all those that joined us and shared their thoughts and experiences, and we look forward to seeing you in person at the European Super Huddle on 23rd May in Amsterdam. More details can be found here.


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