European Engagement

Expat Academy European Engagement It was a pleasure being a fly on the wall at this week’s European Network Huddle and to witness the engagement that came with our member-driven table time and its gazillion questions, not to mention the queries that flooded the chat box after our opening session on remote work compensation.

AIRINC were back, albeit different presenter, different region, same topic, same challenges. It was impossible not to become immersed in Michael Joyce’s enthusiastic and educational talk on remote work compensation approaches and a population which is surely here to stay. We took a look at whether companies align the salaries of remote work employees with the local market in which they reside (38% do not). Practical case study scenarios and AIRINC’s compensation calculator enabled us to consider the variable tax, housing and good and services costs and determine what salary is needed to ensure employees have the same purchasing power in their new work location. We also touched on COLA payments, compensation reductions and transitional adjustments. To learn more about AIRINC’s compensation calculator, click HERE. It was noted that the very first step is to understand your position on pay adjustments and to get your policies and processes in place.

Break-out sessions came next and gave members and sponsors an opportunity to get to know one another and learn about each other’s strategic plans for 2022. Duty of care, core-flex, policy setting, digitalisation of processes, HR transformation, talent and business travellers all got a mention. No wonder the need to take a breath also made it onto your list of priorities. As was said, the detail in which we have all been involved in the last two years has created worry and stress. Now it is time for some strategy.

The second break-out was the chance to discuss your operational questions, of which there were many, including quarantine restrictions, outsourcing, remote work guidelines and data analysis. This is exactly what we love and want from a Huddle – for members to use the brainpower and expertise of other members for answers and inspiration so thank you for being so forthcoming.

Our final slot of the day was occupied by Tom Crosby, Tracker Software Technologies and his experience and advice on traveller and remote work tracking. With the explosion in remote workers, there is a growing need to track where they are working to ensure compliance and duty of care but how do we reduce risk and do this this ethically and legally at the same time? Tom walked us through the importance of Information Security and where tracking employees via technology becomes questionable. Where technology can help is to highlight non-compliance and improve the user experience and we can do this by tracking the data rather than the person. If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail, contact

Our next European Huddle takes place on 14 March and we sincerely hope this will be in person. In the meantime, if you would like to get to grips with MyGMPD, the professional development programme outlined by Lynda, then please do be in touch with

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