The Incredible Benefits of Expat Academy Membership

Expat Academy The Incredible Benefits of Expat Academy Membership

Here at Expat Academy we are often discussing with members the benefits of their Expat Academy membership. From our Benchmarking service, through to our extensive Vault material and then we’ve got our events were Global Mobility professionals can network, problem solve and for just a short period of time not have to explain why compliance isn’t something you can pick and choose in your benefit suite!!

You’d be surprised how many of our members don’t know the full extent of what they get with their membership so we thought we’d provide this simple infographic to show what an Expat Academy membership is all about!!

Our Global Footprint

Expat Academy The Incredible Benefits of Expat Academy Membership

Expat Academy has over 1000 licensed members across its Club100 and Symposium networks. If you didn’t know, our Club100 Network is for all organisations that move fewer than 100 employees per year whilst our Symposium is, yes you guessed it, for those companies with much bigger programmes. Both of our networks have members spanning our 4 key regions of the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Whilst the UK market has been our home and where it all began, with over 620 members currently, our International Networks have been growing year on year with 2022 being the first year in which we have done in person events across all our networks. We’re not joking when we say being a part of Expat Academy provides you with a wealth of industry knowledge, insight and networking opportunities.

Benchmarking Service

Expat Academy The Incredible Benefits of Expat Academy Membership  Our members regularly use our Benchmarking service to ask the tough questions they’re facing in their programmes and hearing from our extensive network. Our benchmarking is anonymous and in line with Anti Competition Law in the UK. We treat the confidentiality of our members incredibly seriously and the value of this is shown in the fact we have over 670 Benchmarks published for members to review.

Issues and challenges change in mobility though, so if you can’t find any insight from our extensive bank of published benchmarks then you can ask your own question to put to our members and have responses collated, with an executive summary reviewed by an Experience GM professional, within 5 working days!!

Our Events

We had over 1600 GM Professionals attend our Events in 2022 which range from Network huddles, regional face to face huddles, Virtual huddles and catch ups, GM Specific Training courses, Bite size briefings, and our wonderful Annual Conference. Our events are designed by people who know the topics and trends that are challenging GM professionals today. Our team ensure our events are tailored to encourage debate, conversation and a safe space to openly discuss your GM Programmes.

In 2023 we have over 40 Events planned spanning all our networks, providing first-in-class content, thought leadership and insightful debate. I’m personally super super excited for our brand New Global Workforce Colloquium on April 17th, the agenda is packed with technical presentations, hot topic debates and technology demos from our amazing Sponsors.

The Vault

Expat Academy The Incredible Benefits of Expat Academy Membership

When I first joined Expat Academy I thought this was a hugely underutilised resource, we had available for our members. But when I did some data analysis of our Vault, I found that our content has been used nearly 20,000 times… let that sink in!! For those of you who may not know what the Vault is, it’s a smorgasbord of GM toolkits, training, templates, checklists, questionnaires, technical advice, white papers and strategic documents.

Vault material come from a variety of sources, from inside Expat Academy minds, from technical partners and sponsors, and most importantly from GM professionals in the industry right now. Our Vault content is fully anonymised and customisable so you can use as much, or as little of it as you want, you simply take what you need. Whether you’re conducting an RFP, a policy review, looking for the latest tax or immigration updates from across our regions, upskilling the newbie in your team or expanding your GM knowledge, the Vault has it all!!

So why choose Expat Academy?

Good question!! We’ve recently discussed why you can trust Expat Academy, and we could go on and on ourselves about all the benefits that comes with being a member of our community, but rather than listen anymore to our ramblings we thought it best to leave you with what our members think below, and in our Testimonials page.

“The Expat Academy team have created one of, if not, the best mobility forums I have had the pleasure of being a member of. I have really learned a lot from all the meetings, forums and events.”Ed Sparks, Head of Global Mobility

“I really enjoyed the event and fed it back to my manager with notes and learnings. I found it really informative and a relaxed safe environment so I felt comfortable discussing things I am not very familiar with yet. I also shared that we are way ahead of the game with the EU PWD process”Andrea Labrum, GM Regional Manager

“Expat academy, with all it offers, provides my organisation with so much support that, without it, we would have to look at increasing our headcount in our GM team” Viv Mott, Head of Global Mobility

If you would like to know more about Expat Academy and how to join our growing network of GM professionals, please contact Tony Miller here.

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