Dear Doris, Today at work something awful happened….

Expat Academy Dear Doris, Today at work something awful happened....  Dear Doris, 

Today at work something awful happened. A colleague lost his temper with me for numerous reasons and called me a useless a-hole, because I was not giving him the answer he wanted to a query. Luckily this interaction happened on the phone. I was able to cut the call short as I felt emotion flooding through my system. I put the phone down, excused myself from my desk and hid in the disabled toilet whilst I let the tears flow. I have tried talking about this to others who imply that I am a “snowflake”. I am wondering whether I may be too sensitive for the job that I do. How can I toughen up? 


Dear reader, 

I think that most people in life are nice which is why it is such a shock when you come across someone who offends you. Only the other day, I was attempting to turn right onto a main road when the person driving towards me slowed down to call me something rather rude and offer up an unpleasant hand gesture. My advice is to feel sorry for them. They are rude and obnoxious. They have to look at their reflection each day and know that they are a disgrace.  

Another suggestion to get even in your own little way is that when you next speak to the person you reference in your letter, use a little code. As he complains and moans about his issues just respond with the words “Ah Huh”…you and you alone will know that this is shorthand for a**hole. You could also try a special out of office notification perfectly curated for this person’s email address alone which states: “Unfortunately I am unable to your email as you think I am an a**hole. In my absence, please contact the Head of HR”.  

Finally, if you are a snowflake. What’s wrong with that? They are beautiful and delicate – stay being you and don’t let others spoil that. 

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