Dear Doris – it smells!

Dear Doris, 

I have an awful problem and I really just don’t know what to do about it. My co-worker has some personal hygiene challenges. I dread seeing him as I just can’t stomach the smell. I think he would die of embarrassment if I spoke to him about this but it really is very noticeable. Have you ever dealt with a problem like this? 

 Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about another human being’s behaviours and habits.  However, I would highly recommend raising it with HR so they can diplomatically help your colleague. Just imagine walking around smelling like old burgers and everyone talking about you!   When I was at school there was a pupil in my class who also had the same problem and my 13 year old self raised it as an issue with our form tutor…a quiet kind word was had the problem disappeared. Based on experience, I’d suggest making it someone else’s problem to deal with! 

I can also recommend blitzing yourself with some strong perfume or aftershave until the problem is resolved. You can always take a big lugful of scented air up your sleeve when your stomach starts to turn. 

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