COVID-19: The Path Back to Normal

Expat Academy COVID-19: The Path Back to Normal

It should come as no surprise that COVID19 is a game-changing outbreak that will undoubtedly alter the way companies and their employees manage their business and mobility programs. No one knows precisely how the world will emerge once the dust settles, so business leaders will need to develop practical solutions for what will become the new normal.  

When the pandemic took many countries by storm, containing the virus took precedence over everything. Mobility managers scrambled to understand where their employees were in their mobility journeybe it in the pipeline or on assignment in a foreign country—to ensure their safety and well-being while maintaining focus on their company’s strategic objectives. 

Looking forward, reestablishing routines and practices that have been disrupted by COVID19 will require thoughtful planningWe highly recommend mobility managers try to carve out time now to design resilient programs incorporating critical learnings from this current crisis. To that end, we spoke with Dawn Mugavero, Senior Manager of Talent Mobility at Toyota Motor North America, about what actions can be put into practice immediately and what she has learned during these challenging times. 

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