Conversations, Connections and Calculations

Expat Academy Conversations, Connections and Calculations Conversations and connections were the order of our first US Network Huddle of the year. Wonderful as ever to enjoy the company and expertise of this growing Network and hear about issues pertinent to the Americas, many of which will be familiar to other regions!

Learning About Remote Work Calculators

Inez Nomidis and Morgan Crosby, AIRINC opened with the topic of remote work calculators and what to contemplate when it comes to remote work compensation in this new era of work. Key considerations go beyond salary rate to include the cost differences of tax, housing and goods and services plus, the question of legal and permanent establishment costs. The list goes on. With remote work requests not going away anytime soon, the important thing is to understand what your company position is, whether you have national salary scales, you do not adjust pay or you take a different approach. We heard that adjustment is more likely to occur in the US given the cost of living varies significantly between states. AIRINC’s remote work calculator provided a clever way to work through a number of case study scenarios and could prove to be a useful tool in aiding decision making and raising employee awareness. To learn more, click here.

Table Time: 2022 Strategy

Table time is a big part of our Huddles, enabling members to meet and learn from other members and our Sponsors. The first break-out session presented an opportunity for introductions and to hear about what Global Mobility strategy looks like for 2022. As well as the obvious focus on remote workers, there were common themes around streamlining process and vendors, improving the customer experience/duty of care and being able to produce data analytics to show the value of Mobility. After a degree of pandemic complacency, hopes are high for increased program volume.  There were some philosophical thoughts around letting go of what we can’t control, feeling a revived energy at our increased visibility at the table and to “be more intentional” when it comes to building relationships. We like it!

Table Time: Operational Challenges

The second set of group discussions were more operational in nature, with questions on best practices for initiating a new RFP and some benchmarking around the relocation and immigration support given for employee driven moves. With RFPs, Mobility teams are seeing more DE&I representation for sure and we heard advice about considering cultural and technological compatibility as well as the pros and cons of digital vs face to face relationships in a decision making context.  When it comes to self-initiated moves, as much as a standardised conversation and process might make our lives easier, rarely is this the route. A case-by-case conversation is much more likely with open role considerations and distinctions made between domestic and international moves. All things considered, the spectrum of mobility support for self-initiated moves seemed to range from zero to the basics.

Next Huddle: We hope we have given you some food for thought and introduced you to some new names. Please do join us for the next US Network Huddle on 11th May 2022.

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