What do Hot Yoga, Flexitarianism, and the Saxophone have in common?

Expat Academy What do Hot Yoga, Flexitarianism, and the Saxophone have in common? At the start of another busy year, these are just some of the new year resolutions shared at yesterday’s Club 100 Huddle.

Graham Stapleton and Clare Curle kicked off the day with the first corporate update giving an overview of the GM priorities at Colt Technology for 2019 including a move to a more flexible policy framework.  Next up, the much-anticipated Brexit session included a frank and factual update from Ian McCluskey, PwC on the current political position of the Brexit process and what possible outcomes can be expected.  He then moved on to explain the implications this will have on Social Security. Click here for a summary of deal/no deal Brexit and a list of agreement and non-agreement countries that will apply at the point UK is divorced from current EU rules on social security for cross border working.

This was followed by an immigration update from Marc Smith and Martin Maddocks of Newland Chase with further insight into the implications of Brexit on GM over the coming months. Best advice at this stage seems to be to ‘get your house in order’ to ensure compliance once the full details are known.

Not surprisingly, there were lots of questions from the room and whilst the situation is still far from clear, one thing for sure is whatever the outcome, there will be challenges for GM. I think it’s fair to say that whilst both sessions were very well received, some of the possible ramifications left the room slightly shell shocked! A good time then for lunch and a further opportunity to chat and network with fellow members.

The first session after lunch focussed on technology solutions with the opportunity for valuable table discussion around what fellow members are doing and how to make a business case for further investment in technology.  Whilst Excel Spreadsheets still seemed to be the main stay, there were good tips and suggestions from the network and our technology experts in the room about the latest technology we could be utilising to analyse large quantities of data efficiently. Suggestions included Alteryx, tableau, Qlik, Power BI, Python, Thought Spot, Blockchain and Qualtrics

With a final opportunity for questions from the floor around EU posted workers and business travellers, the day then wrapped up with our second corporate update from Cat Birchall, who shared her journey to establish a GM programme at Sky and some of the challenges she faced.

So, all in all it was a great day, thanks to PwC for looking after us and to all our speakers.  I think the big take away is that is going to be another busy and challenging year ahead – a good job then that we have all resolved to invest more time in improving our bodies and minds.  And if all else fails, there’s always chocolate and a glass of wine!



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