Club 100 Global Mobility Huddle

Having avoided the snow and ice, we all skated into the Vialto Partners office in London ready for a day packed full of global mobility discussions, problem solving, learning and discussion! Our ice breaker revolved around our alternative dream careers and we found we had detectives, YouTubers and Chateau renovators among us – not to mention our very own Chris wanting to be a bin man when he grew up!Expat Academy Club 100 Global Mobility Huddle

What is your GM golden ticket? Our first huddle session asked what our big ticket items are for 2024, what might be the biggest blockers and any solutions we can share. Our members wanted a golden ticket for a range of hot topics including business travellers, remote work, policy roll outs and technology implementation.

Our second huddle session looked into the current rise in permanent/one way transfers and after we had a look through the latest stats from a few surveys, we looked at how our members are handling these types of moves and the accompanying policies and processes. It’s important to define the different policy types and the ownership between permanent moves and international hires.

The ever popular corporate updates kicked off with Georgia Frangou giving us an update on GM at Admiral Group. Georgia has spent a lot of time implementing new processes and getting the entities to align and will not be slowing down in 2024 with new guides (policies), decision trees and feedback/tweaking of the new processes.

Expat Academy Club 100 Global Mobility Huddle  Janet O’Hare gave us an insight into her 12 months at Drax Group as she wraps up and hands over ready for her next challenge. Janet spent a lot of time sorting out compliance, implementing new GM processes and vendors – All whilst single handedly managing a live population.

Our last corporate update was given by one of our Vanguard Network members, Petya Pavlova from ERM. Petya talked us through how she is busy with policy updates, remote work processes and building a robust matrix for international moves. Petya then shared some great insights from the ERM sustainability team about how we can build ESG into GM, the importance of vendors being sustainable and the role of technology and data.Expat Academy Club 100 Global Mobility Huddle

Hot Potatoes followed with discussions around business travellers vs commuters and the trigger point for crisis evacuation. Perspective Playground then ignited a fierce debate as we divided the room into 2 halves and practiced our argument building, persuasion techniques and influencing all within a safe space. We asked the teams to argue either for or against educating non-GM stakeholders about GM. They each went off to discuss and build there arguments before coming back together for a fierce face to face to debate before Chris and I declared our winners!

As London was starting to light up outside we wrapped up the day, looked at the upcoming events and headed to the networking space for drinks and unwinding. It’s always fabulous to catch-up with our members and hear them learning and making connections to take back with them! Until next time Club 100!

Expat Academy Club 100 Global Mobility Huddle

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