Doing Business in India – Key Tips for International Assignees

Expat Academy Doing Business in India - Key Tips for International Assignees  With an eclectic mix of landscapes, cultures and people, India is an incredibly interesting country to relocate to, but it does present a number of challenges for international assignees. Our latest India Market Watch takes a look at these challenges, including housing and cultural issues.

Doing Business in India: Cultural Issues
It is important to understand that India has distinct regional differences. There are 18 official languages, 325 spoken languages, and more than 1,500 dialects. This can be one of the biggest challenges that organizations encounter when doing business here, as they fail to recognize the unique diversity across the country.

Regional nuances aside, there are also a number of key cultural expectations that assignees should follow. For example, building strong relationships is key. Relationships drive business in India, so taking the time to invest in long-term business relationships is very important.

Finding a Home
In addition to cultural issues, finding a home in India’s rental market can also be challenging, as demand far exceeds supply. This means that prices can be high, especially for good quality expatriate housing. Assignees moving to major cities like Mumbai or Bangalore prefer to live in gated communities, which offer onsite amenities, privacy, and security. However, such an accommodation type comes at a premium and is high in demand, so once a suitable property is found, assignees should act quickly to secure it.

Find Out More!
For a more detailed review of India, read the India Market Watch and check out our Moving Forward in a Growth & Productivity Powered India pulse survey report. The report looks at the feedback we garnered from a recent pulse survey amongst global mobility managers on the unique opportunities, priorities and challenges that they are facing when moving employees to, from and within India.

Expat Academy Doing Business in India - Key Tips for International Assignees

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