Brexit deal agreed with the EU

A Brexit deal has been agreed between the UK and EU before a meeting of European leaders in Brussels. The deal which has been termed “a good deal” by Boris Johnson will need to be ratified by Parliament when they sit on Saturday 19 October 2019.

In terms of citizen’s rights and the movement of people, including the transition phase to 2021, there is no change to the previous agreement. The principle differences in the new deal of course relate to the Ireland protocol and the intention to seek a free trade agreement with the EU post-Brexit rather than closer regulatory alignment with the EU.

In practice therefore, if the deal is ratified in Parliament Brexit can occur as planned on 31 October 2019 and the UK will move into the transition phase to the end of 2020 if there is sufficient time to pass the necessary legislation. In the event that further time for legislation is required, it is possible a short delay may be sought to allow for this.

Freedom of movement will continue during the transition until a new immigration framework is introduced in January 2021. The EU Settlement Scheme will remain open until June 2021.

If the deal is not ratified, the UK will either obtain an extension to the end of January 2020, presumably to allow for a general election to take place, or a “no-deal” scenario will kick in on 31 October. The policy for no-deal remains the same i.e.

  • EU nationals will continue to be admitted freely until the end of 2020;
  • EU nationals wishing to stay beyond the end of 2020 can apply under Euro – Temporary Leave to Remain
  • The EU settlement scheme will be open to all EU nationals who entered on or before 31 October and will remain open for applications until 31 December 2020.Expat Academy Brexit deal agreed with the EU

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