Bite-Size Briefing

Join us on Tuesday 4th December from 10am to 4:15pm at BDO, 55 Baker Street, London W1U 7EU

Expat Academy Bite-Size Briefing  Overview

Bite Size Briefings are a member-only day of short sharp presentations designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of Global Mobility through technical updates, industry insights and learning about the latest trends. The day is an opportunity to listen and learn from the Expat Academy team and our technical training partners.

Why you should attend

The aim of the day is to get you thinking, enhance your specialist Global Mobility knowledge and aid your professional development. You will end the day with improved knowledge to translate into your own world and put into practice when you get back to your office.

What to expect

• theatre-style seating with presentations from speakers
• mix, mingle and chat during regular breaks & over lunch
• networking drinks bring the day to a close

What you will learn

• apply the latest UK and key global tax changes to your organisation through your new understanding of how they affect globally mobile employees
• draft an RfP to attract the best model fit for your organisation
• write a business case to streamline admin for your assignee population and source the technology solution
• understand accommodation practices and manage the associated costs effectively
• be able to better support assignees and their families through the International Private Medical Insurance cover your organisation provides

 Download the Agenda here.

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What previous attendees had to say:

"A very good mix of topics. Different companies providing examples of what they have done is really insightful, and it's good to know how others are faring with current key issues."

Lizzie Bodington, Capco

"Some great technological content, pitched at the right level."

Sonal Wadher, Tesco

"I thought that today’s session was perfect for a comprehensive overview. I look forward to attending the next session."

Claire Gladstone, Legal and General Investment Management

"An excellent day as always - this is the one organisation where I will always try and attend the events as they are all well run. Perfect amount of information, relevant topics, excellent speakers. Really like the targeted, technical topics. Thank you!"

Beth Griffiths, Mott Macdonald

"The Bite Size Briefings are a great opportunity to find out what’s going on, what’s new and share with other people what’s happening in their industry.
It’s the sharing part of Expat Academy that I find really valuable.
Expat Academy come from an industry background so know exactly what topics we are interested in."

Louise Worbey, Deloitte

Download: “What is a Bite-Size Briefing?”

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