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Expat Academy is a well-established membership organisation for in-house Global Mobility professionals. We’ve grown organically for nearly 12 years and we have literally thousands of in-house Global Mobility professionals meeting virtually and face to face each year to learn, connect and share their specialist knowledge.

We have spent the last six months working through our long term strategic plan for the business and many options have come up for consideration. We have explored each option and have soon come to the realisation that for us, our employees are integral to the success of Expat Academy. We always keep them at the heart of our decision making and our future plans will make sure they are rewarded for all their hard work and contributions to the growth of the business.

We love the Expat Academy way of doing things and we do not want to jeopardise that or the quality of the events we run for Global Mobility professionals by seriously qualified, experienced fun-loving Global Mobility professionals.

Expat Academy Expat Academy Big News  Our big news is that we are delighted to announce that Expat Academy is now an employee-owned business meaning that those who work for us are more than just employees. Our employees have a real stake in the company’s future.

We believe that by working together, in partnership, we have created a workplace with happier people, for a happier business.

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