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The Club 100 community met this week for the second huddle of the year and once again it didn’t disappointWith a packed room of Global Mobility professionals managing GM programmes of less than 100 assignees there was lots of common ground and wow did we cover a lot!  

Some of the highlights included an update from Rebecca Prebble on the AXA XL programme where she shared some interesting insights into the global mobility challenges which arise when an organisation goes through a merger or acquisition.  Rebecca looked at the issues of harmonising policies, process and people where cultures and programmes are so different Not easy! 

We spent time discussing how to improve internal and external stakeholder relationship and the importance of finding time to build relationships and the importance of partnerships.  Short term business visitors were inevitably covered and what is clear is that this population is slowly creeping more into the remit of the GM Manager – about 50% of those attending are now involved with this population and this continues to increase.  

We also had session on EU Posted Workers.  The rules from country to country seem to be changing so fast it’s a real challenge to keep up.  The rules are very blurred, and countries are interpreting the law in so many ways that it makes it very difficult to know what is needed.   

One key takeaway was Ireland.  Unless youre popping over to the Emerald Isle for leisure and a pint of the black stuff, chances are that you will need to register, even if you’re going there for just one day on a business trip. How much of this is driven by Brexit or perhaps the Irish authorities wanting to get a tighter hold on data. Who knows?  

Certainly, for any location, if in doubt get advice and as a minimum be sure to keep a close eye on those countries where you have business travellers to ensure you understand the requirements.   

We also spent time discussing the GM challenges when setting up in a new location; global immigration challenges; and technology.  Plus of course policy.  There was a discussion on the future of long-term assignments and the trend towards core-flex policies. The general consensus was that  the rationale for this should be to offer the assignee more flexibility but the reality is that this is frequently driven by the business wanting to reduce costs. 

If I had to summarise today’s meeting in one paragraph it would be that the role of the Global Mobility professional continues to get broader, more complex and quite simply harder! For those of us over a certain age, the Martini strap line from the 70s seems very apt for the GM professional of today; any time, any place, anywhere…  

Trying to keep up to date on everything that is going on across the many areas is an impossible task but coming together and sharing issues unquestionably helps.   

There were different opinions on a few topics but what was highly evident was the shared desire to help each other in this fantastic community.  Many people spoke about how these sessions are like therapy and one member, after a couple of glasses of vino in fairness, remarked that the huddles are good for her mental health.  Cheers to that! 

The last Club 100 Huddle of the year is 8th November.  More information can be found at    

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