An Issue of Duty of Care?

Training and Support for International Assignees: An Issue of Duty of Care

It is an accepted truth that employers have a duty of care to their employees. Ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of their staff should be at the heart of every policy and decision. In the case of an international assignment, the duty of care becomes even more important with employees (and accompanying families) living and working overseas in often difficult and stressful circumstances.

Difficulty Adjusting to the Host Country
It is not a surprise to most global mobility professionals that preparing the assignee (and accompanying family) to live and work in the new host country is the best foundation for any international assignment.  Difficulty adjusting to the host country is cited by four out of ten assignees as the major contributory factor in the failure of an assignment. (Source: Mercer Worldwide Survey of International Assignment Policies and Practices).

Training, coaching and support can dramatically reduce the risk of failure and increase the likelihood of a successful assignment – both for the individual and the employer.  Equally, providing effective and comprehensive intercultural training to assignees and international travellers is a key element of any global mobility policy centred on providing effective duty of care.

A Duty of Care Case Study: FrieslandCampina

Expat Academy An Issue of Duty of Care?

FrieslandCampina is an international dairy products company, owned entirely by a cooperative of more than 19,000 dairy farmers.  In many ways, it is the world’s biggest family company.  This family also includes a population of some 400 international assignees and many more international travellers.

FrieslandCampina set the challenge to Learnlight to design a comprehensive training and support package that helped meet its duty of care obligations. The result is an award-winning family support programme.

The training packages are blended combining the CultureWizard eLearning platform, The International Profiler and highly qualified intercultural trainers with experience of living and working in the host country.

Training is delivered before and after arrival in the new country to ensure that realistic expectations are set and unexpected issues can be addressed.  Duration is personalised to the assignees’ experience and role.

We strongly recommend that partners and children attend training that is built around their own individual needs.

Learnlight’s training is underpinned by sound learning methods.  By incorporating The International Profiler, the training develops transferable intercultural skills as well as dealing with the culture shock of a new country.

Each programme addresses topics that are specific to FrieslandCampina and the role of each individual assignee.
Download the full Case Study to learn more about the collaboration between FrieslandCampina and Learnlight.

Written by Learnlight

Expat Academy An Issue of Duty of Care?

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