ACS Relocation Professionals Networking Event

Expat Academy ACS Relocation Professionals Networking Event Thursday, I spent a lovely morning at the ACS International School in Cobham. The morning included networking with other relocation professionals over coffee, a presentation by Families in Global Transition (FIGT) and a chance to look round the school and the new boarding facility.

Networking always provides a great opportunity to catch up with Expat Academy friends as well as meet new ones. Following an introduction by the Head of School, there was a presentation by Louise Wiles from FIGT. Louise talked about supporting the international employee experience. The presentation gave an interesting insight into not only providing the right support during the relocation process but also providing ongoing support to the family following their arrival in the host location. It questioned the theory many organisations use to justify their level of relocation support in that, even if the assignee has full relocation support, can they truly be expected to be up and running from day 1? For me the top tip was managing and setting realistic expectations for the employee and their family right from the initial conversations about an assignment.

Having worked in Global Mobility for a number of years and reviewed, authorised and sent for payment many an invoice for ACS International School it was lovely to have the chance to look round the school and see what a fantastic opportunity it provides to so many children. The facilities were impressive and the enthusiasm for sharing the diverse culture they had was amazing. The theory about providing additional support that Louise had talked about seemed to be echoed in what the ACS International School offer not only to the children but also to the parents of the school in terms of a sense of community.

Thanks to the ACS International team for a lovely morning.

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