A Covid-free Network Huddle (well, almost…)

Expat Academy A Covid-free Network Huddle (well, almost…) There was a concerted effort by all those involved in November’s Symposium Network Huddle to make it a Covid- free event.  The C-word slipped out on occasion but by and large, members and speakers alike were conscious to have a rest from the biggest black swan event we have known in Global Mobility and focus on other priorities.  It was only fitting that the Huddle should be closely followed by some positive and forward-looking news from Downing Street on the development of a vaccine.

Laura Cartwright set the tone for the day, pleased to have the chance to focus on the very impressive and robust talent mobility programme that is in place at Boston Consulting Group.  Laura shared with the Network how BCG take a number of different approaches to mobility, from traditional paths to more creative assignment opportunities with charities.  We saw how BCG’s coordinated global cycle enables careful resource planning, a thoughtful selection process and synchronised timing of assignments, with support available to the assignee every step of the way.

Always a welcome guest, Iain McCluskey from PwC was back, not so much with advice on how Global Mobility should be responding to current challenges because as we all agree, we have had more than our fill of that.  Instead, Iain shared his own personal experiences of leading a team in recent months and lessons learned. Based on his own client conversations, he then went on to give his insights into what he sees to be the role of Global Mobility in the next 12 months in helping to enable a globally agile workforce.  Undoubtedly, there is great opportunity for us in the global resourcing function when it comes to matching talent supply with business demand.

With the US election activity of the last week, not only have recent headlines given us a chance to think about something else, but the results are now getting us thinking about how they might impact our function, organisation and stakeholders.  Audren Gudiksen and Joe Jackson from Graebel led a session which enabled us to focus on possible new directives in tax and immigration policy, favourable to Global Mobility. Watch this space!

Table-time gave our corporate members and technical partners the precious chance to discuss their questions and ideas in small groups.  With two break-out sessions, topics included policy design, communication and decision making around remote working followed by our groundhog friend, Brexit. We saw replayed but open questions about impact, policy changes, support provision and communication – rather that, than you know what!

That was our fourth and final Symposium Huddle of 2020, three of which have been delivered virtually. Thank you for helping us to keep up the momentum, connections and conversations and to our contributors today and previously. Keep networking and racking up those GMPD points. And here’s to better days ahead.

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