A Conference Fit for Superheroes

Expat Academy A Conference Fit for Superheroes With a theme of Fit for Future and not a spare seat in the house, this year’s Conference presented an excuse to focus on ourselves and being the best that we can be.  The idea of unleashing your inner superhero was obviously an appealing one!  It didn’t take much for the Expat Academy community to get into the spirit of things and from early on, a positive buzz, engagement and a whole lot of fun was the flavour of the day.

With all hilarity aside, there is actually many a business article which draws on lessons we can learn from our comic book friends.  These also happen to overlap rather nicely with some of the key messages from our thought-provoking speakers.  It just goes to show the superhero world and Global Mobility are more closely linked that you might think!

Superman – Know your strengths AND your weaknesses.  Bridget Grenville-Cleave delivered a session on Positive Psychology and helped us to see how we can play to our strengths to feel good and perform more productively at work.

Iron Man – Always keep innovating.  Whilst Iron Man continued to invent new gadgets to help him safeguard the planet, our group of inspiring innovators are doing something similar.  From their spheres of international mobility to their advanced expat management tools to their “french fry moments”, Andrea at Chanel, Myrna at Equinor and Luis at Google gave us all so much to think about.

Black Panther – Leverage new technology.  Technology is a significant contributor to Black Panther’s power and helps with his efficiency.  Similarly, Neil Massa’s session on Smarter Not Harder gave us some really simple but perfectly doable takeaways, designed to improve our time management and give us a handful of business days back each year.  How many of you are proposing 20 rather than 30 minute meetings today and rewriting your today list versus your project list? I know I am!

Fantastic Four – Strength in numbers.  The Fantastic Four’s strength as individuals was only enhanced as a group.  Through our Lean on Me session, we introduced you to the perspectives of a brilliant panel, many of whom have experienced both in-house and vendor roles.  They reinforced the benefits of positive and honest partnerships and collaborations, demonstrating that two heads are almost certainly better than one.

Batman – The power of networking.  Bruce Wayne was big on networking events as it enabled him to keep in touch with what’s going on in his community.  With the friendly chatter, new connections and numerous reunions taking place in the Conference space, who needs Bruce?!

The Joker – Enjoy what you do.  Much of what The Joker does is for fun and it has to be said, there is something to be learned from his attitude and quite a mantra at Expat Academy HQ.  When deadlines and targets pile up, we mustn’t lose sight of the fun in what we do.  Hopefully we’ll be all the more driven and passionate for it.

Now that we are back at our desks, we hope some of the Conference learnings and reflections will help you to be Fit for Future.  We would like to say a big thank you to all our incredible members, speakers, award winners, technical partners and conference sponsors.  You’re all superheroes!

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