6 Ideas for Building a New Life after Relocating

Expat Academy 6 Ideas for Building a New Life after Relocating  Is the dust finally settling at your new home? (Even if it’s settling on a few still-packed boxes.) Perhaps you’ve got the kids established at a new school or figured out the morning commute. Your to-do list is mostly checked off. Now what?

After the first few weeks in your new place, it’s no longer exactly new—but it isn’t exactly “home” yet either. Now is the moment to decide what you want your new life to really look like. Here are 6 ways to make it a reality.Expat Academy 6 Ideas for Building a New Life after Relocating

1. Restart Old Habits

Think about the things that made you happy and healthy pre-relocation and find ways to pursue them again. For many people, this will be an easy decision: if you’re a golfer or a snowboarder, odds are strong you’ve already found the best courses or slopes in your area. Give yourself time to follow through on that research. Schedule time on your calendar to try out your favorite activities.

2. Make a Fresh Start

Here at the threshold of your new home and life, you have a big opportunity that many people aren’t lucky enough to experience: you have a chance at a fresh start (or something close to it). Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try? Something you want to change? Take the first steps in a new direction.

As you unpack and get settled, you may not have time to take up swing dancing classes. Nonetheless, you probably have time to find out when and where they’re held, and even sign up for one next month. Start taking action before you’re totally ready. That includes signing up for activities and groups, as well as making the time to explore, have fun, and try all those new things you’re excited about. In other words: don’t let long work hours and endless chores become excuses that get in the way of following a dream or two!

3. Revisit Your Relocation Priorities

At the start of your relocation, did you set goals for yourself and the move overall? Now is the time to revisit those. Hopefully, you’ve had them in mind throughout, and have allowed them to guide some of your decisions. Now ask yourself—how am I acting on those ideas in my daily life?

Motivation is a big part of making the settling-in process a success, but motivation alone doesn’t clear your calendar. Life tends to get in the way of all our awesome ambitions. If things aren’t unfolding exactly as you planned—surprise! You’re normal. Make your priorities a priority and set aside time to determine a plan for incorporating them into your life.

4. Turn Coworkers into Good Friends

Rather than beating yourself up for not making friends yet, why not introduce yourself to more coworkers? People who have a friend at the office report higher job satisfaction and engagement. Build strong bonds with your team members, which might lead to a strong friendship down the road. People love to make recommendations about their favourite activities, restaurants, and area attractions. Strike up a conversation with new coworkers this week!

5. Partner with Your Children to Build a New Friend Circle

At this stage, kids struggle to find their spot in the social order as well. This can be most acute for middle and high schoolers, but it happens to everyone now and then; fitting in at a new school and community is tough.

Ask your children what they want to try or change, and they may surprise you with their answers. Signing up for new activities can help kids have something to get excited about – and can provide you with an easy way to meet fellow parents. It’s worthwhile to try a few things to see what clicks. Set the clear understanding that your child doesn’t have to succeed in every hobby.

6. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Everyone’s experience will be different, even within your own family. Nobody can tell you what you’re “supposed” to be feeling, except you. When we’re feeling vulnerable or lonely, it’s easy to think we’re the only ones having trouble—but it really is a challenge for everyone, in different ways and at different times.

Put your energy into crafting a well-designed life that truly suits you. Make the effort to discover all the possibilities; invest energy into your family, friendships, and activities; and carefully select the things that will help you achieve your goals. Time has a way of streaming past no matter what we do, but if you focus on creating meaningful experiences, they will be your reward.

Nothing will happen overnight. If you’re still learning the ropes at a new job or figuring out where the grocery stores are (or both), you may not have much time to settle in or get involved in your community. Even though you’re busy now, eventually you’ll have some Saturdays free. How would you like to fill them? Start sowing the seeds now, and you’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

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Contribution by Lauren Herring.

Lauren is CEO of IMPACT Group and the author of This Side Up! A Simple Guide to Your Successful Relocation. She passionately leads the organisation to empower employees and families during times of transition across the globe. Lauren is committed to living out our company’s mission “to make a positive impact, one relationship at a time.” She serves on the Board of the United Way of Greater St. Louis, COCA (the Center of Creative Arts), Junior Achievement and Connections to Success.

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