TOP TIPS on how to keep safe when working abroad

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Many organisations sending employees on an international assignment consider the merits of a wide range of global mobility training options. Very few, however, provide training on how to keep their employees safe when working abroad.


The benefits of language training are generally evident to both the employee, accompanying family and the organisation. However, many organisations may be less clear about the benefits of intercultural training, especially if they do not understand the wide range of topics a comprehensive training course can cover and how these can help to keep their employees safe.

“Intercultural training is much more than describing the best way to greet a businesswoman or to avoid using your left hand in certain situations. It also explains core values of the destination country – not only what they are but also why they are so important to that culture”


Intercultural training is designed to ease the transition of an employee into their new destination, both from a business and a daily living perspective.  Robust programmes also address issues that are relevant to the employee’s family.

A robust course will also equip the assignee to learn effective ways of working as well as very concrete information about how things work in everyday life in their new location. For organisations who are still unclear of the benefits of intercultural training, or that believe this information can be gained from casual research, they may be missing an additional and very important benefit. Intercultural training can keep employees safe.

“We urge you to watch this video on how intercultural training can keep your employees safe”

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Expat Academy TOP TIPS on how to keep safe when working abroad
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