Technology is the Answer

Technology has many faces, in the movies it can often be depicted as the intimidating walking talking machines riding motor cycles. But in the real-world technology has become the everyday tool and friend to us all. We use technology as individuals and as a global community to learn information and better ourselves. Whether that information is the latest developments in String Theory or a funny cat video, technology is there to make our lives better. It does this in so many ways, many of which we take for granted.

There to serve everyone – not just Dave.

When we consider how far we have come it is astounding. Let’s look at air travel for example. We now have automatic doors greeting you, passports with chips for scanners, facial recognition, and body scanners all working to make your flight experience an efficient and safe one. When you look at these examples of technology it would appear we are living in the movies of the future from 20-30 years ago. The future is truly now.

One of the most arguably iconic examples of future technology in television/cinema is the ‘Computer Voice’ in Star Trek*. The ability to give instructions aloud and then the Computer responds helpfully always looked so impressive. This Technology now obviously exists, we have so many forms of virtual assistant systems who can respond to our requests. Furthermore, due to the advent of smart home devices they can now reduce the light levels and so I hear can even make an ‘Earl Grey Hot’.

Technology Everywhere, for Our Benefit.

There are of course the not so glamorous examples of how technology helps our lives, think about the food that is in the Store by example. The logistics which bring food from far and wide are truly remarkable. Coordination of the various companies, systems, and man power to ensure when you go into the store every possible item from around the world is sitting there waiting for you. We just have to go back 40-50 years and items such as a Lime were considered luxuries – now they are common place. Technology has had its hand in the agriculture, farming, transport, and delivery of the humble Lime to your local Store.

Mobility and Technology – The Perfect Union.

As you have briefly seen, Technology has a fundamental role in our lives. It enriches and helps us. But as well as our personal lives Technology specifically exists for Global Mobility with all its unique and wonderful ways. Global Mobility has its own needs which are distinct from the rest of a company. It can also cost far more than it needs to and can end up having little positive effect for the individual on assignment or the company. When dealing with an assignment program it is essential to have processes and systems in place. When a program reaches a critical volume any existing ad-hoc systems such as Excel start to break down as the demands of the growing program effect the processes of the assignment program. The benefits of Technology used in Global Mobility are wide and vast. These include Cost Estimates which carry credibility when presented to the business. This results in Global Mobility being recognised as a positive driving force in the business.

Having the Technology behind Global Mobility is essential to being not only effective delivery of a program but also gaining the respect of the business as a key partner rather than simply being called in when something goes wrong!

If you would like to find out more about how Technology can be applied to improve your Global Mobility program (or if you would like to discuss robots on motor bikes) please do feel free to reach out to me

Andy Smailes – Polaris Global Mobility

*STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

Image By Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States – Monroe Harbor Boats, CC BY 2.0,

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