Summer Club 100 Network Huddle Update – 15 June 2017

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We had an amazing turnout for the Summer Club 100 Network Huddle. We had 40 companies in total attend. Those who attended provided us with some really helpful feedback, so thank you! We’re delighted that you value having open and frank discussions and enjoy sharing expertise in a relaxed informal environment.

Those who attended the Huddle set the agenda for the day by submitting their hot topics prior to the event. Lively discussion took place on questions relating to Duty of Care, Talent Programmes, assignee selection processes, assignment costings, international payroll and tax obligations, Short Term Business Visitors and policy matters around dependents and language services. As always, our network sponsors contributed to the success of the event by providing excellent input during the roundtable sessions and group discussions.

Expat Academy Summer Club 100 Network Huddle Update – 15 June 2017  You also commented on how much you enjoyed hearing what other companies are doing and getting practical solutions to your current challenges. A huge thank you to Lucie Dowrick (ITV), Dominique Dee (Eversheds Sutherland) and Helen Hardy (Wolseley) for sharing with us updates on their global mobility programmes.

We enjoyed hearing about the detail of ITV’s Global Mobility programme and how Lucie found piloting a lump sum policy. She also shared with us the work she has undertaken on the gender pay gap report and how this impacts assignees working outside of the UK.

The Club 100 Huddle attendees also put their heads together to provide some great suggestions to Dominique from Eversheds Sutherland on her proposed ‘Pass the Baton’ programme. The programme is being launched firm wide to embed the recent merger of Eversheds and Sutherland and to provide international opportunities to all level of employees for short bursts of time.

Helen from Wolseley gave us an update on recent policy changes she has implemented with the help of her tax provider. She also shared with us feedback from her recent RFP for relocation services. Finally, we learnt that Wolseley will be changing their Global Mobility operating model in 2018.

Following recent events, we also decided to tap into the expertise of our Club 100 Network sponsor PwC and invited Mark Wolsey, PwC Head of Security Consulting along to provide us with some thoughts on how we can keep our assignees safe whilst on assignment.

Mark advised us that a new directive came out in September 2016 – PAS3001: 2016 code of practice – The travelling for work responsibilities of an organisation for health, safety and security. These guidelines advise what should be done legally by employers and also what is good practice. Companies have a duty of care and legal responsibility to ensure their employees are safe and Mark explained the importance of having someone qualified in your organisation to prepare, train and brief assignees.

We discussed on table groups what everyone is doing to keep their assignees safe. There was a range of approaches. Some are using external vendors such as ISOS, integrated with travel booking technology. Others are using social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups to contact individuals in an emergency situation.

One big take-away was that linking travel booking through your TMC (travel Management Company) to the reimbursement of assignment expenses is very effective. Those who do not book through their company’s approved TMC will not get expenses reimbursed so this will ultimately change behaviour and make it easier for Companies to track their people and keep them safe.

The Expat Academy team asked those who attended whether they would like to meet 3 times a year in 2018 and the resounding response was YES! So, if you didn’t make this one, the great news is that you’ll have more dates to choose from next year, which can only be a good thing when you are so busy!

Everyone was also really positive when we announced that we’ll be providing on-line training in the near future. If this is of interest, please click HERE to pre-register your interest.

Our members thoroughly enjoyed networking with their peers over a few cool drinks in the glorious sunshine (and breeze) on the PwC roof terrace. If you were inspired by those who gave us an update and would like to showcase something you’ve been working on – or you would just like to pick the brains of other GM professionals – then please do let us know and we can give you a 10 minute slot at the next Club 100 Huddle on 17 January 2018.  These are informal updates, no slides necessary and we are looking forward to these being a regular and rotational feature amongst the network.  We’re also aiming for your questions to form the bulk of the discussions on the day so nearer the time, do make sure to flood us with these…

Why not get organised and BOOK your place now, as these events always fill up fast and if you’re not too sure of exactly what a ‘Network Huddle’ is, then click HERE to find out more!

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