Our Online Training is HERE!

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Due to demand from our members, the Expat Academy team have been busy converting our brilliant technical training courses into on-line training modules.

Our online training pilot was launched to our current members as promised on 31 July!

We’ve had an overwhelming response and have selected 80 volunteers across 44 companies representing as many sectors and locations as possible to be part of the pilot. Unfortunately applications to take part in the pilot are now closed.

We’re using the feedback from the pilot to make sure that the finished modules are perfect for members and non-members who need to get up to speed quickly and easily from the comfort of their desks.

But, I hear you ask, what is included in the online training pilot?

Module 1 – What is Global Mobility

Understand the jargon used in the Global Mobility industry and the key stages of a typical assignment life cycle.

Module 2 – Essential tax

A beginner’s guide to the necessary tax compliance when employees move overseas.

Module 3 – Essential immigration

A beginner’s guide to the immigration considerations when moving employees overseas.

Module 4 – Looking after the assignee and family

Explore the various ways organisations support and look after the employee and the family when going on international assignment.

Module 5 – Global Mobility trends

A snapshot of the latest trends and market practice.

Check out the video below where the team will give you a quick breakdown of what the Online Training is all about… 

If you or one of your colleagues could benefit from spending 20-30 minutes on one of the above topics, click HERE to apply now.

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